Spotlight on HOUSE star Lisa Edelstein

lisa edelstein
Lisa Edelstein with the TV Addict in Los Angeles, January 2009

Simply put, we did not see this coming. When recently put out a call for questions for some of your favorite FOX stars, we never would have guessed how many Lisa Edelstein fans there were out there. The show after all is called HOUSE, not CUDDY (although judging from your reaction, perhaps a title change is in order!)

That said, after being given the fantastic opportunity to interview Edelstein face to face, you can now count your very own TV Addict among the Edelstein die-hards. Here are three reasons why.

She is a dog person: So much so that when asked whether or not she had the chance to see Marley & Me she responded, “No, no, no I won’t see the movie. I actually won’t see it. I was completely traumatized by My Dog Skip. It was a kid’s movie that I saw at a benefit. I practically crawled out of the theater, while the kids were all like “Wasn’t it funny when…” I was bawling, literally my guts on the floor. My boyfriend at the time was horribly embarrassed, I couldn’t stop sobbing.

She has good taste: Counting The Wrestler as one of her favorite movies of the year while including Cabaret and Boogie Nights as two movies that she’s watched on multiple occasions (Or as Edelstein put it, “many, many, many times.”) Oh, and did we mention that she thought the TV Addict’s very own dog Mac was “adorable?” 

She loves TV: Because nothing perturbs this TV Addict more than when television actors don’t actually watch television, we were thrilled to discover that Edelstein just finished SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH and is obsessed with it, calling writer/director/star Chris Lilly “Brilliant!” Also on her TiVo as of late is FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS, MAD MEN (“It’s wonderful”), BIG LOVE, LOST and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, adding that “those kids are really talented.”